Social Media & Website Checkup

Are you a Secret Agent? How often do you update your social or website?

Anyone who has watched or listed to our show knows that Heather's big business pet peeve is when Agents have wrong websites listed all over the place. She works with many agents and sees this more than she would like to admit, whether an email signature or when she is trying to connect with them on social. Have you lost a deal because of this? You may be surprised! Stop being a secret agent and take 10 minutes to check your links!


Your MLS Profile, is your website listed?

Zillow: Custom username, links all work, Full Bio? Do you have links in your bio that go to your website? (You can add a nice paragraph in your Bio about the cities you serve - link those to pages or a search on your website). You might be surprised how many leads you can get from a pimped out zillow profile (for FREE)!

Facebook: Is your Business page listed on your Personal Account (Work)?

Instagram: Bio clearly states that you are an agent with area you service. What link do you have listed for your website? Are you using stories? Highlights (do you have highlight covers)?

Linkedin: All of the above - Cover, photo, links, workplace should all be clearly visible. Make sure you have a username as your name vs the default.

YouTube: Cover, links on channel art. Playlists to fill page (make playlists from other channels like RE/MAX or local tourism channel)!


Do you have a custom domain?

Do you have your social links?

Do you have your site on all printed material? (Business Cards, Flyers, etc)

When posting a listing to social, do you link to property on YOUR website?


Do you have area information?

Relocation information?

School information

Tax information?

Local photos & Videos?

Check out for a report card on your profiles!


Pay attention to people in your life this week. Send a card to at least 5 people you love. Think about how much you will make their day.


When it's tough, will you give up, or will you be relentless? - Jeff Bezos


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